Pneumatic Quantitative Kink Sausage Stuffing Machine for Sale

Pneumatic Quantitative Kink Sausage Stuffing Machine for Sale

Pneumatic Quantitative Kink Sausage Stuffing Equipment For Sale Description :

The machine adopts superior technology, use of pneumatic, photoelectric control principle, geared up with micro-electrical control design and manufacture of a new type of products, can ongoing automated quantitative filling, kink, ideal for natural casings, protein casing filling kink, straightforward operation, Straightforward routine maintenance, very good repeatability, quantitative and accurate, with a helper auxiliary function, is a higher effectiveness, straightforward to run the perfect merchandise.

one.Equipment with gorgeous physical appearance, modest and exquisite, device use stainless steel make .

2.Effortless to work and thoroughly clean.

3. Quantitative accuracy, quantitative mistake ± 2g (four hundred grams).
four. Scope: can be loaded with meat and small meat blocks products.
five. Simple to clear, quantitative can be arbitrarily adjustable in between 20-a thousand grams.
6. Can be crammed with meat blocks, meat paste goods, filling velocity adjustable, thirty-40time / min.
seven. With the dual-card device can be utilised single-tube, double-tube and quick-change two-tube three forms of filling, the use of fast-change double tube, double creation potential.

Two :
A Quick Introduction to the Construction of Pneumatic Quantitative Kneading:

The machine is mainly composed of feed part, quantitative element, principal cylinder, cylinder, valve cylinder, kink rotation program, kinker, discharge portion and so on.
Quantitative component of the primary by the quantitative guidebook rod, wonderful-tuning nut, positioning bumps, positioning screws. Mostly change the volume of quantitative, in accordance to the need to have to alter.
Feed component of the principal hopper, quantitative cylinder, piston rod, piston, seals, flanges and other components.

A few:
The energy of the feed is from the major cylinder of the air resource, pushed by the primary cylinder piston rod management feed. The major cylinder is located at the base of the machine.

The air supply power from the cylinder is used to handle the rotation arm of the increase, the arm generate the rotary valve to handle discharge .

The kink method is mostly utilised to compress the air as a driving power, the linear motion of the cylinder into a rotary motion, by way of the sprocket chain to the kink, by means of the synchronous coupling to twist synchronizer and casing tube to reverse.
Specification & Price tag :

    1.Hopper volume:35L(50L)
    2. Operating pace: 30times / min
    3. Min filling volume: 10grams / time
    4. Max filling quantity : 500 grams / time
    5. Voltage :220V   50VA
    6. Air compressor strain: .5MP
   7. Dimension (LxWxH) : 540X420X1560(mm)

Pneumatic Quantitative Kink Sausage Stuffing Equipment For Sale More Pictures:

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Pneumatic Quantitative Kink Sausage Stuffing Machine for Sale


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